Greek State School of Dance  (Koula Pratsika Foundation Scholarship) 2004

Rallou Manou Professional Dance School 2002

National and Kapodistrian Athens University / Sports Science 2000



GRANHØJ DANS _ 2015-2023:  DK and international touring: This is not Romeo and Juliet, This is not Swan Lake , An Eve and An Adam (Årets Reumert Prize 2019 Denmark), Petrushka Extended, Love  you.....not for ever, Rose-Rite of Spring Extended 2

SASHA WALTZ & GUESTS _ 2022, 2021, 2013: Kreatur (Sibiu RO), In C (Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin),  Tanz über Graben (The original choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky. Radialsystem Berlin)

MICHAIL MARMARINOS - MUNICH BIENALLE _ 2022:  Once to be realised / Six encounters on unclassified projects of Jani Christou. (Detsche Oper Berlin, Utopia München, Onassis Cultural Center Athens).

ASTERIS KUTULAS _ 2021, 2017, 2013:   Elektra 21-liquid stage installation (Main role, music: Mikis Theodorakis, ch.: Renato Zanella) , Dance Fight Love Die (hybrid documentary fiction music film. Featuring role: Electra), Recycling Medea (Film. Featuring role: Choryphée by ´´Medea´´ of Renato Zanella)

OPERA ROYAL DE WALLONIE, LIÈGE _ 2018/19  &  OPER FRANKFURT _ 2018/19:  I Puritani (Vincenzo Bellini. Role: A woman. Dir.: Vincent Boussard, cost: Christian Lacroix, video: Isabel Robson)

DEUTSCHE OPER BERLIN _ 2008-2019:   Oresteia (Yannis Xenakis. Dir.: David Hermann /as soloist: Electra), Faustus Derdammnis (Hector Berlioz. Dir/ch: Christian Spuck), Ariadne aud Naxos (Richard Strauss. Dir.: Robert Carsen, ch: Marco Santi), Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen (Sergei Prokofiev. Dir.: Robert Carsen, ch: Philip Giraudeaux), Die Trojaner (Hector Berlioz. Dir.: David Pountney, ch: Renato Zanella), Elektra (Richard Strauss. Dir.: Kirsten Harms, ch: Sylvana Schröder), Parsifal (Richard Wagner. Dir.: Philip Stölzl, ch: Mara Kurotschka), Das schlaue Füchslein (Leoš Janáček. Dir.: Katharina Thalbac, ch: Danie Cardyn /as soloist: Libelle) '

RONA GEFFEN _ 2018:   My Friends (Video clip. Dance & Choreography: Sofia Pintzou. Music, Concept & Production: Rona Geffen)

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF AEGEAN SYROS, GREECE _ 2018:   Electra (Main role. Ch.: Renato Zanella, music: Mikis Theodorakis)

SEMPEROPER DRESDEN _ 2017, 2018 &  SALZBURG OSTERFESTSPIELE _ 2016:   Otello (Giuseppe Verdi. Role: Black Angel. Dir.: Vincent Boussard, ch: Helge Letojna, cost: Christian Lacroix)

AALTO MUSIKTHEATER ESSEN _ 2017:   Le Prophète  (Giacomo Meyerbeer. Dir.: Vincent Boussard, cost: Elizabeth de Sauverzac)

STAATSOPER BERLIN _ 2014:   Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (Kurt Weil. Dir.: Vincent Boussard, ch: Helge Letojna, cost: Christian Lacroix)

ARENA DI VERONA _ 2014  &  INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE AEGEAN SYROS _ 2014:   Medea (Mikis Theodorakis. Ch.: Renato Zanella)

ELDON PULAK _ 2014:   The Wetting Party (Ch.: Eldon Pulak, music: Rona Geffen. Dock 11 Berlin)

CARLOS VIN LOPES _ 2014:   Smile Mirror (Short film. Cannes Film Festival 2016)

NOW DANCE COMPANY _ 2013:   Maybe Now (Ch.: In Young Sohn. Seoul-S.Korea)

CHOREOLAB ZÜRICH _ 2013:    Cities & Dance (Ch.: Emma Muray, Nunzio Impelizzen, Korina Kordova Papadimitriou, Magdalena Ptasznik. Tanzhaus Zürich)

DIONYSUS LIBERATOR _ 2013:   Me, the other, the world (Ch.: Nancy Avgery, live percussions and electric giutar: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer. Aeghina Greece)

RON HAGELL _ 2012:    Tissue de Femmes (Short dance film inspired by the Serpentine of Lois Füller. London)

SATU TUOMISTO & COMP. _ 2012-2013:   Vimmaa (Oulu, Seoul, Essen - 1st Jury Prize at the 638 Kilo Tanz Festival), Halu (residency in Seoul in collaboration with Now Dance Company)

THEATER LÜNEBURG _ 2012:   100% Tanzwerk / Herzschlag (Ch.: Francisco Martinez Sanchez, music: Bach Golderg Variations. Leuphana Bibliotek Lüneburg)

JO GRAELL _ 2011, 2012:   Muina (video dance), III About (video dance)

ESMOD BERLIN AND IFM PARIS WORKSHOP _ 2010:   Bodies in Motion (Shadow performance. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin)

JAVIER SACNHEZ _ 2010:   Traumseits (Bat Theater Berlin)

STAATSTHEATER KASSEL _ 2009-2010:   Reinharadswald (Ch.:Johannes Wieland), Bear Girl King (Ch.: Yosi Berg & Oded Graf)

VARDIS MARINAKIS _ 2008:   Black Field (Cinema film. Role: a nun during the Othoman Empire in Greece)

HELLENIC DANCE COMPANY _ 2004-2008:   Acts of Light, Steps in the Street (Martha Graham), Choreographic Offering (José Limon), Bolèro, Wien (Pascal Rioult), Yesterday  (Jasmin Vardimon), On the way (Penny Diamantopoulou)

ASH BULAJEV _ 2008:    Alpha Omega (Live ciname performance inspired by the Library of Babel of Jorges Luis Borges. Theater Pallace, Athens)

ATHENS MEGARON CONCERT HALL _ 2005-2008:   Die Zauberflöte (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Dir.: Michael Hampe), Don Carlos (Giuseppe Verdi. Dir.: Franco Zeffirelli, set&cost: Luchino Visconti), Elektra (Richard Strauss. Dir.: Michael Hampe, ch: Petros Gallias)

GREEK NATIONAL OPERA _ 2007:   Carmen (George Bizet. Dir.: Steven Pimlott, ch: Aletta Collins. Herodus Atticus Odeum Athens)

EPIDAVRUS FESTIVAL _ 2007:   Medea (Luigi Cherubini. Dir. set & cost: Yannis Kokkos. Ancient theater of Dionysus Epidavrus)

ANALYSIS DANCE COMPANY _ 2004-2006:   Showtime (Based on William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Acropol theater Athens ), Variations N.D. (Music: Dmitri Shostakovich, Serge Prokofiev, Alexander Glazounov, Giulio Caccini, Colin McPhee, and Steve Reich. Athens Megaron Concert Hall), Handing Over (Music: Stephane Crappelli, Dmitri Shostakovich)

OLYMPIC GAMES OPENING CEREMONY _ 2004:   Role: saffron gathener from Akrotiri frescos on ancient Santorini/Thira (Dir.:& ch: Dimitris Papaioannou. Olympic Stadium Athens)

ARTHROSIS DANCE COMPANY _ 2003-2006:   I hope the exit is joyful (Based on Frida Kahlo’s biography. Ch.: Penny Diamantopoulou. Poreia theater Athen), About her / him (Ch.: Penny Diamantopoulou. Poreia theater Athens)

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART GREECE _ 2003:   No title (Sight specific based on the political situation on the issue of the refugees. Concept/Dir./Sculptor: Costas Varotsos. The belly of a ship full of illegal refugees)

THE HELLENIC CHOREODRAMA _ 2001:   Karaghiozis and the accursed snake, Six folk dances, Solitude (Ch.:  Rallou Manou, set&cost: Yannis Moralis, music: Manos Hadjidakis. Athens)




DIE FLEDERMAUS (Johann Strauss). Halle Oper 2023. Conductors: Fabrice Bolon, Yonatan Cohen, direction: Patric Seibert, set: Dorota Karlozwak, costumes: Adriana Braga Peretzki & Frank Schönwald, choreography: Sofia Pintzou

Realisation + production: Heiner Mühlenbrock, musical direction: Alexander Fend & Sofia Pintzou, choreography: Sofia Pintzou & Alexander Fend, costumes: Jeannette Seydler—Gefördert mit Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds und DB Station & Service AG.

WOZZECK (Alban Berg). Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, 2023. Direction: Maxim Didenko, choreography: Sofia Pintzou and Alexander Fend.

DSCHINNS (Fatma Aydemir). Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, 2023 // Friedrich-Luft-Preis 2023. Direction: Nurkan Erpulat, choreography: Sofia Pintzou. 

WIR (Jevgenij Samjatin). Deutsches Theater Berlin. Direction: Maxim Didenko, set&cost: Galina Solodovnikova, music: Alexey Retinskyi, video: Igor Tsvetkov-David Bührer-Alexander Shaliapin, dramaturgy: Patric Seibert-Claus Ceasar, choreography: Sofia Pintzou. ***Dates to be updated and confirmed.

VIKTORIA UND IHR HUSAR (Paul Abraham), Oper Halle 2021. Orchestra conductor: Peter Christian Feigel, stage direction: Patric Seibert, choreography: Sofia Pintzou. 

1 BODY / 8 HEAD:   Proportions  of the human body are based primarily in the ratio 1: 8 left by our ancestors through the sculptures. That head fits within the height of the body 8 times, one of the fundamentals for the navigation guide in the world of sculpture. On the other hand sculpture cements a movement snapshot. So sculpture is movement. From the sculptors of antiquity till Canova, Brancusi Brus and Nauman, this is a survey and an attempt to refer to the human body through the''moving'' sculpture, with direct correspondance to the laws of symmetry and harmony, based on the Pythagoreian philosophy. The pedestal as the common denominator between the inanimate and the animate body, ie the statues and the living bodies, as well as on the sculpture’s plastic movement ie both of the statues and of human moving bodies. ALDES/SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee, Lucca/Italy, 28.3-2.4.2017.

ÜBER DIE ABSICHT:   Based on the Obstruction Technique, interpreted in 1989 by Palle Granhøj, Danish choreographer and later founder of the Granhøj. Dans in Århus-Denmark.  Selections: Càdiz en Danza Festival 2016, Masdanza Int. Contest Gran Canaria  2015, Lucky Trimmer - THE WALL- Berlin 2014, Out of the Box Festival Nicosia 2014.

FOR EXAMPLE, A PRODUCTIVE DAY. SOLO II.:   A minimal and abstract interpretation of the term Labyrinth. It’s a comment on the spiritual transformation and inner recognition based on the mythological extensions and on the scientific meaning and utility of the term Labyrinth, according to its confusing and brain challenging structure. A Labyrinth can be walked, metaphorically-mentaly and in real. The goal is to reach its center. When this is achieved, then only half of the route is fulfilled  - what now remains is the walking back to the exit. Regardless the direction, the starting and ending points of this route are equal and same. These two points reflect on the edges of an assistance axe and of a balance thread, stored deeply inside the ear - in the labyrinth tissue. ' This piece is about the productive process of the self alignment after diving into the brain’s labyrinthine spaces. It’s about a short reminder on Theseus of our brain, for the emersion of our personal goal and achievement, which, in the frame of respect, can connect people in peace, true and happiness. Selections: Dance Days Chania # 5 2015, Lucky Trimmer Brandenburg 2014, Akropoditi Dance Festival Syros 2014, Arc for Dance Athens 2012.  

ROTKÄPPCHEN:    A contemporary comprehension of the famous Brother Grimm's fairytale. Stage School Zürich 2015.

OUT:   An explosion. Stadttheater Lüneburg at the Leuphana Library 2012.

FOR A EXAMPLE, A PRODUCTIVE DAY. SOLO I.:   Work in progress during the couching project Make yourself a favor with Ivo Dimchev. Music: 'praxis for 12 and 11 chor instruments and a conductor pianist' Yiannis Christou. ''I generate my shame. I want to eat all my shame. Reminders of every day. And I introduce myself jumping, looking for lightness. The notes are heavy. They are heavy because of me. They fall or I fall after their fall. Laying on the earth just as laying on a primitive power. I eat the shame of the past. I digest it and defecate it.. Mission no.1 is waiting.'' Vienna Impuls Tanz Festival 2010.

ORPHEUS IN DER UNTERWELT (Jacques Offenbach). Opern und Operetten Tage Lüdinghausen, Germany, 2010. Stage direction: Patric Seibert. Choreography: Sofia Pintzou.

cv and backdrop photos@Achilleas Gatsopoulos

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