I Puritani (Vincenzo Bellini)

16, 20, 22, 25, 28 June 2019

(as ´´une Femme´´)


Dir: Vincent Boussard

Costumes: Christian Lacroix


An Eve and an Adam



27-28 August, Odense

29-31 Aug & 1-13 Sept, Aarhus

17-23 Sept, Beijing

25,26 Sept, Aarhus

27 Sept, Roskilde


A performance that literally puts the real nudity in the scene - as a contrast to the virtual!
Currently, in society, we see that young people appear naked on social media. Pornography in all forms is easily accessible and widely used. Apparently, the humility no longer exists when it comes to the naked body of the virtual culture.
But at the same time, children and young people are exempted from bathing after school sports. Young men and women cultivate their bodies in gyms, but they are too timid to appear naked in the shower afterwards.
In other words, we need to rethink our relationship with the body's natural nudity and discuss our forms of representation of the body's nudity in the media culture.

A performance by Palle Granhøj created in close collaboration with the dancers Sofia Pintzou and Mikolaj Karczewski.

Recorded music: Works by Maria Eshpay and excerpts from Rachmaninoff Cello Suite, played by Maria Eshpay (piano) and Peter Hudler (Cello)

Co-production partners / Residence: Teaterøen – Copenhagen,
SPAM! Route by le arti contemporanee, Porcari, Lucca – Italy, Nordic Theater Laboratory, Holstebro,
Delphi, Berlin

The evening is carried out with the support of:
The Danish Arts Foundation
Augustine Funds
Wilhelm Hansen Foundation
Beckett Foundation


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/301572564




Andre Sokolowski

29 March 2019



Jews, Christians and Muslims had - according to their respective rules of faith - almost agreed on Adam & Eve as the very first human couple on earth; According to Genesis (Old Testament), the Lord God breathed the breath of life into his earl, whom he promptly created out of earth. At first, however, he had a solo existence for Adam until he put him to sleep and took a rib from his rib cage during the process in turn, to create his "counterpart", which he called Eve - as the couple, still completely innocent of each other (not knowing, who is a man and who is a woman and how it fits and why), was under the tree of knowledge , the evil serpent helped with the apple, and from the hour it became suddenly sexual between man & woman, yes and that was then in the Christian-deterrent tone as "fall of sin" and praised = the short version of the common story.


In the slightly generalized approach of the Danish theater director and choreographer Palle Granhøj and the dancing performance performed on Eve and to Adam dance couple Sofia Pintzou & Mikolaj Karczewski, it needs little more than a few flashlights, some strewn foliage including the pubic hair Cover two fig leaves and the lifelike nakedness of the very first human couple entangling protagonists:

Light spots, rustling and whispering ...

First and second encounters ...

Wonderful, as he explores the body of women ready for him "ignorant" how he kneads and crushes the skin here and there on her body.

Even more splendid, as she then grabs him and grabs him, lifts him and carries him, and at once throws him away from him.

And, of course, most gloriously, of course, how the apple becomes the matter that unifies the pair, and how both bite into it at the same time and, as it were, bite into each other, as if they were no longer two different things.

That was just three of the thirty felt individual highlights of this floating-light-footed and humorous-wise dance piece, whose premiere yesterday evening in the Berlin silent movie theater Delphi unanimous joy and enthusiasm in the audience triggered!

Please come back !!




CPH culture critic

Michael Søby

3 April 2019




In the beginning everything was dark. God said, "There must be light," and there was light. The choreographer Palle Granhøj takes us back to the dawn of time, and already plays from the start with the light sources in his latest performance AN EVE AND AN ADAM.
It is hardly coincidental that Eva's English name comes before Adams in this dance performance, which after a successful guest play in Berlin can now be experienced in the concert church at Nørrebro's infamous Blågårdsplads. For though we know the story of the very first humans on earth as the story of Adam and Eve, they are experienced in this version as the strong and cash Eve and the more humble and restrained Adam. It is the woman who first takes the step into another world - as opposed to the moon landing we hear from recordings, and it is the man who - in vain - tries to cover her sex with fig leaves.
Fortunately, these performances are presented with a charity and performed by two excellent performers: Sofia Pintzou and Mikolaj Karczewski. Both of them have the great passion and they both master the transformation from animal to human. The highlight is a wordless quarrel, where their expressive body language almost gives us some impression that we know what they are arguing about.
But the sensuous examination of each other's bodies and the female demonstration of strength also makes an impression, just as the man's cautious attempt to add a handful of leaves to the woman's nesting seems strangely moving.
The music is provided by two excellent musicians: Pianist Maria Eshpay and cellist Peter Hudler, who, as a perfect introduction to the performance, give a passionate mini-concert (Rachmaninoff's Cello Suite).
The forbidden fruit is consumed with ravenous sweat-dripping appetite and we are all ready to sin a little after this trip in and outside paradise. After a little too nice "Cinderella" at the Royal Theatre's Old Scene, the direct life-giving with this uninhibited approach seems to be another questionable literary work.

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